Center Structure

The main research trends:

  • Development of numerical models of transfer of short-wave length and thermal radiations in the atmosphere for restitution of space images and calculations of atmosphere physical parameters according to the satellite data.
  • Development of geoinformational models of “risk-analysis” for the determination of natural and technogenic factors effect on the development of accidents on the main pipelines.
  • Development of automated methods and technologies of digital photogrammetry, methods and computing algorithms of the interferometric analysis of remotely-sensed data.

Department consists of:

- Laboratory of Geoinformatics and GIS-technology

(Laboratory Chief - Mayra Gabbasovna Razakova)

- Geomodeling Laboratory

(Laboratory Chief – Alshin Khakimovich Akhmedzhanov, Doctor of Science in Engineering)


Director of Department – Arstan Fazulovich Mukhamedgaliyev, Doctor of Science in Engineering, Professor